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    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 01

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History
    • In chapter one Patric describes his home town of Snohomish, as seen from Fiddler's Bluff. Patric also describes a little bit about the presence of the railroad in his town.
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 02

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History, Homeless persons, Fishing
    • In chapter two Patric describes using the tides to push a log raft through the sloughs to go fishing with friends. On the group's return from fishing, they interact with a group of hobos camped out under the Great Northern trestle.
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 03

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History, Homeless persons
    • In chapter three Patric and his friends dine on stew with a group of hobos under the Great Northern trestle and learn how to sharpen their knives.
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 04

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History, Homeless persons, Graffiti, Street art
    • In chapter four Patric and his friends continue their visit with the Great Northern trestle hobos. While the group dines and talks, one of the hobos draws a mural of a nude woman on the side of the bridge.
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 05

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History, Child labor--United States
    • In chapter five Patric talks about the various summer jobs he and his friends held. Patric relates an incident he witnessed while working at his father's general store when a Seattle restaurateur is scammed by a potato farmer.
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 06

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History, Love
    • In chapter six Patric describes falling in love, and scavenging coupons from gum and tobacco packages to exchange for a camera. Patric also writes about his early work with the Snohomish County Tribune. At the end of the chapter Patric encounters...
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 07

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History
    • In chapter seven Patric outlines the Contest that dominated the minds of all the young men of Snohomish one summer. The winners of the contest would be admitted for free into a school run by a mysterious Professor Chester, who promised a curriculum...
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 08

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History
    • In chapter eight Patric and his friends go fishing for trout in a nearby creek. After finishing for the day, the group goes to a 'cave' under Second Street to cook their fish. Patric tells of the group's initial discovery the cave. Patric also...
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 09

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History
    • In chapter nine Patric tells about what a scam the Content turned out to be for the Lord Chesterfield school. Patric also relates the end of his dealings with the tobacco company's coupons. Confusingly, this draft offers two completely different...
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 10

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History, Homeless persons
    • In chapter ten Patric decides to run away to become a hobo after suffering disappointment in love coupled with his bad experience with the camera promotion. Patric describes his reasons for believing his parents wouldn't worry about him leaving.
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 11

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History, Homeless persons
    • In chapter eleven Patric encounters a hobo on his first extended train ride, and receives instruction on how to survive the basic challenges of train riding long distances. Contains mature language.
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 12

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History, Homeless persons, Migrant labor
    • In chapter twelve Patric talks about how he prepared for his departure to ride the rails. He talks about the importance of traveling light versus the importance of planning ahead. Patric interacts with more hobos on the train. Upon reaching Tacoma,...
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 13

    • Tacoma (Wash.) -- History, Homeless persons
    • In chapter thirteen Patric is saved from a possible early death by a stranger. The stranger turns out to be a local veterinarian with an unusual side business.
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 14

    • Tacoma (Wash.) -- History, Homeless persons
    • In chapter fourteen Patric talks about the hobo tradition of 'riding the blinds,' and how it would soon be a thing of the past. Patric returns to the rails and continues to travel south.
    • "Hobo Years" Chapter 15

    • Vancouver (Wash.) -- History, Homeless persons
    • In chapter fifteen Patric leaves his train in Vancouver, Washington, on the advice of the train's fireman. Patric heads south through Portland, hitchhiking away from the city. He is picked up, and gets into a conversation about homesteading; from...
    • Autumn Porch

    • Snohomish (Wash.) -- History
    • John Patric stands on a porch talking to a young woman. This possibly depicts Franchon, Patric's love interest described in chapter six of "Hobo Years."


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